Teaching Golf Online:


  • My mission is to offer top qualify golf instruction to beginner, intermediate and advanced players with educational drills and exercices that deliver results in a fast and easy to understand manner.

  • With a click of your mouse, you will find drills and exercises that will help improve specific skills. In short, a learning facility with the answers to many of your problems.

  • This complete basic program has instructional photos, animations and videos packed with great visual aids.


Regardless of whether you are competing, or just playing golf for fun, are you playing to the best of your ability? If you would like to play to your potential, you’ve come to the right place!

  • My Teachinggolfonline.com website provides the knowledge, educational drills and exercises to practice and improve your golf skills using proven visualization methods.

You will play better and enjoy the game a lot more.



Bunker Shot:

Bunker Shot

Trouble Shot:

Trouble Shot

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